Avalon Cold’s Food Processing & Packing is a local produce (fresh fruits and vegetables) co-packer located in Compton, California operating for over 15 years. Our area of specialty is produce and grains packaging while following HACCP Standards as a guideline to apply GMP and FSMS. We offer a wide range of services regarding produce packaging with a focus on our customers’ requirements.


  • State of California Produce Processors
  • State of California Organic Processors
  • County of Los Angeles Food Packaging License
  • Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)


  • Sorting
  • Repacking
  • Retail Packing
  • Flow Wrapping
  • Shrink Packing
  • Vacuum Packaging
  • Ozone Washing & Sanitizing
  • MAP Packaging (Modified Atmospheric Packaging)
  • SORMA Citrus & Stone Fruit Packaging in Woven or Extruded Bags
  • Labeling Flat & Round Surfaces (bottles and jars)


  1. Aqueous Ozone Washer
    • Processing Capacity: 1.5 Metric Tons per Hour
    • PPM range: 0-20
    • Product Range: Solid to Leafy (Fruits & Vegetables)
  2. Ilapak 500 Horizontal Packer Flow
    • Item Size Capability: up to 8” wide x 6” tall
    • Speed: 30 units ( ) / (-) per minute (This number may be 10-15 depending on the product size and configuration)
    • Can run preprinted film
    • Product Counter
    • No-product-No-bag capable
  3. Koch 1000 (Modified Atmospheric Packaging)
    • It has 3 in-line #3 tray molds
    • 40 trays per cycle (without Gas displacement)
    • 15-20 trays per cycle (with MAP feature implementation)
  4. Bosch Header Card Applicator
    • Applies & heat seals Header Cards to plastic bags (No gluing or stapling)
  5. Spice Packing and Bottling Machine
    • Can make spice packets up to 3” x 4”
    • Auger Fed spice jar attachment (fully Automated) 30 bottles per minute
  6. Action Pack Rev 599 Pre-made Bag Filler
    • Weigh Packer
    • It weighs and fills powder as well as granular product into pre-made pouches
    • Weight Range: 1oz to 15lbs (dry weights)
  7. Two Chamber Vacuum Machine
  8. SORMA Citrus & Stone Fruit Packing System (Woven and Extruded Bags)
  9. Urschel DiversaCut 2110A(TM) Dicer