2015 product trends for cold storage units

April 04 2015

2015 The latest product development trends for cold storage units

In recent years, the market for refrigeration Forced mechanism, improve self-promotion and brand companies to form a good interaction system to guide the user to take a big step in energy conservation, and intelligent direction, ushered in a new situation in the refrigeration unit. Rheanne Hong, the Director of Yemoo Refrigeration Equipment Co,Ltd. the demand for the product in recent years, a growing tendency to standardization, quality and appearance on the market to make a good product engineering companies and users increasingly recognized, and the unit’s model tend to be multi-parallel, control more and more humane.

1, from the compressor type look: screw and scroll projections

Currently, occupy the mainstream position in the market is still semi-hermetic reciprocating chillers. But the hermetic scroll chillers and semi-hermetic screw chillers advantage in the market has become increasingly evident, territories part piston chiller will be “occupied.”

(1) semi-hermetic reciprocating chillers under 3P ~ 50P power use
Range of semi-hermetic reciprocating chillers is very wide, mainly concentrated in the 3P ~ 50P power conditions. Especially in the fight minus 15 degrees below conditions. Semi-hermetic piston compressor origin of the earliest development of the market is more mature, a variety of technical experience is also very mature, after bad service is not so hard, stable performance. And doing relatively deep channels, end-user acceptance is high, it is impossible to completely exit the stage of history once. “Semi-hermetic piston part to be replaced is the trend, but the present situation in some regions is still the mainstream, such as the Northeast market, many people are still accustomed to using semi-hermetic piston unit. Plus we learned from some colleagues at the amount of people in recent years did not fall. “Shenyang Ansett Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd., General Manager Zhu Li said.

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